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In what has become a must-have collector’s item in New Castle County for the holiday season, HFHNCC is proud to announce the selection of and availability of Old Town Hall as their 12th ornament in this sought-after series. To purchase the $20 ornament, call 302-652-0365 x 113 or to purchase online, visit

The Old Town Hall Ornament of Hope is one of a commemorative, limited edition series of ornaments designed by renowned local artist, W. James McGlynn, featuring a series of historic landmarks in New Castle County. The ornaments are 24k gold-on-brass, nestled in a velvet case embossed with the HFHNCC logo. They include a certificate of authenticity, unique serial number and brief history of the landmark.

Built in 1798, Old Town Hall functioned as the center of political and social activities during the height of Wilmington’s mercantile-milling economy. The handsome Federal-style structure housed the city’s meeting chambers, offices and jail and served as the headquarters and gathering place of civic organizations and included a subscription library. The death of George Washington was observed there in 1799, as were receptions and dinners for the Marquis de Lafayette and President Andrew Jackson. Henry Clay’s body was laid in state there in 1851. Old Town Hall, restored to its classical beauty, provides space for exhibitions, programs and special events throughout the year. The Delaware Historical Society (DHS) owns and operates this property.

To purchase, please contact our development office, 302-652-0365 x 113.

To download an order form, click HERE Habitat for Humanity of NCC
Ornament of Hope
1920 Hutton Street
Wilmington, DE  19802

All orders received by December 18th are guaranteed delivery by Christmas.

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Image not available... Built in the early turn of the century, the Blue Ball Barn, part of the Blue Ball Farm, is the centerpiece of an area that once served as an inn, and later, a working dairy farm. This two-story stone barn now connects Delaware's past and present, nestled in a scenic state park in northern Delaware. The Blue Ball Barn hosts the Delaware Folk Art Collection, historical exhibits, rental space for meetings and events, and a secluded courtyard for picturesque outdoor accommodations.
Image not available... Buckley’s Tavern, the ninth edition of the Ornament of Hope Series, is a legendary Centreville, DE establishment.  Formerly a private residence dating back to 1817, it now stands as a well-loved and favorite eatery for locals and travelers near and far.  
Image not available... The Kalmar Nyckel is the eighth edition of the Ornament of Hope limited edition series.  The Kalmar Nyckel sailed from Sweden to the New World in 1638.  The passengers were the first permanent settlers in the Delaware Valley, founders of the "Colony of Sweden," in present day Wilmington.  The ship has since been rebuilt and today, the Kalmar Nyckel serves as Delaware's seagoing goodwill ambassador.  Your purchase of this lovely rendition of a Delaware treasure will help Habitat for Humanity continue our mission to build affordable housing with local families in need.
Image not available... Old New Castle, and New Castle Court House, is the seventh edition of the Ornament of Hope limited edition series. Founded in 1651, Historic New Castle is full of intriguing history, beautiful architecture and natural beauty.  Originally built in 1732, the Court House was Delaware's Colonial Capital until 1777.  The Declaration of Independence was errected at the Court House, as well as the Constitution of Delaware.  
Image not available... The Deer Park Tavern, the sixth edition of the Ornament of Hope Series, dates back to the 1700's where it once was St. Patrick's Inn.  Through it's nearly 300 year history, The Deer Park has recieved visits from the famous surveyers Mason & Dixon, George Washington, and Edgar Allen Poe.   Today, it provides a warm and welcoming place for Newark residents, and the University of Delaware students, faculty, and alumni.
Image not available... Brecks Mill, the fifth edition of the Ornament of Hope series, stands beside the Brandywine a mile upstream from Wilmington at the foot of Brecks Lane.  The mill was built in the 1770�s and operated as a gristmill, and then Charles Dupont operated it as a blanket mill. It was purchased by the Dupont Company in the late 19th century.  Since then, it has been a center for art, music and dance.  Today, it's home to the Somerville Manning Gallery, an artist studio, and post office.
Image not available... HFHNCC's fourth edition in its Ornament of Hope series features Centerville's Smith Bridge. The original covered bridge was built in 1839, and stood as a quaint, but substantial relic for almost a 125 years. Unfortunately, Smith's Bridge was destroyed by fire in 1961. However, after vigorous public protests, the Delaware Highway Department restored it and it now appears much as it did during its heyday.
Image not available... The third edition in the Ornament of Hope series features the Wilmington Train Station. Built in 1906 by the Pennsylvania Railroad and designed by well-known Philadelphia architect Frank Furness. The Train Station, located on Front and French Streets in Wilmington, translated Roman architecture into brick and steel.
Image not available... The Grand Opera House was built in 1871 and has served as the center for entertainment and the arts in Wilmington since its renovation in 1971. Also featured is the statue of Cesar Rodney, who cast the decisive vote making Delaware the First State. Local artist W. Jim McGlynn captures the spirit of two of Wilmington's most famous landmarks.
Image not available... Rockford Tower was built in 1900 and still serves as a water reservoir to the Western Wilmington community. This Wilmington landmark rests on the highest point in Wilmington and provides an attractive presence for visitors to Rockford Park, a traditional gathering place for annual events like Wilmington's Flower Market as well as various weekend festivities.
Proceeds of the Ornament of Hope sales benefit Habitat for Humanity of NCC's house building operations.

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