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Family Services Volunteer
One of the most important partnerships we have in Habitat for Humanity is with our partner families. When selected into our program, our families are part of the very foundation of building their home. This includes: the 'sweat-equity' requirements (225 hours onsite) and successful completion of our Cornerstone Training Program. In addition, our Partner Families attend and participate in special events and outreach opportunities, serving as 'Habitat Ambassadors' by reaching out to others to share their story. This partnership allows our homeowners to become deeply involved not just in the building of their own homes, but also future Habitat homes. Volunteers are need to help with our Family Support & Family Selection Committees as we continue working to provide our partner families with the greatest level of support possible.
Family Selection
Choosing the families to own and occupy Habitat for Humanity is one of the most difficult and challenging aspects of this ministry. The Family Selection Committee is responsible for drafting the selection criteria used to select families for approval by the Board of Directors. The Committee is also responsible for communicating with individuals the could apply to be prospective homeowners, screening and interviewing applicants, and recommending applicants for homeownership for approval by the Board of Directors. Once an applicant has been approved as a prospective homeowner, the committee works in conjunction with the Family Support Committee to continue the relationship building process.
• A time commitment of 5-6 hours per month for the year long duration of committee membership
• Communicate well with applicants, staff and other Family Selection Committee members
• Able to make difficult decisions with objectivity based on criteria
• Comfortable visiting unfamiliar neighborhoods with other committee members
• Knowledgable of requirements for Habitat homeownership
• Sensitive to a diverse groups of people, especially low-income individuals
Family Support
The backbone of the relationship between a family and a Habitat affiliate is the Family Support committee. A strong committee helps diminish the cycle of poverty by serving as a resource to families in the process of becoming homeowners. The Family Support committee has a unique responsibility that requires patience, knowledge and wisdom.
The Family Support committee reports to the affiliate Board of Directors and is responsible for planning, implementing and evaluating the affiliate's support program. The committee specifically works with families through sweat equity, homeownership education, the closing process, and the adjustment to new responsibilities.
• A time commitment of 6-7 hours per month for the year long duration of committee membership
• Good listeners and relationship builders
• Sensitive to and/or  experienced with the issues that may result from living with a limited income (lack of education, improper nutrition and health care, debt, etc.)
• Budget planning skills

Through your support efforts, Habitat homeowners most recently reported a greater sense of security and confidence. Their faith increases as a result of the new relationships in their life. In many cases the performance of their children at school increases due to greater stability at home. Some of the homeowners have gone back to college to further their education. Thank you for all that you do!
To learn more about Family Services volunteer opportunities please contact the Director of Family Services at (302) 652-0365 x105.

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