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March 2021
In the News

Habitat for Humanity launches statewide COVID home repair pilot program

by Delaware Public Media

Habitat for Humanity has launched a new statewide Pilot Repair Program for individuals and families impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

The program aims to help families coping with the pandemic and related issues deal with repairs or other home maintenance issues they are too sick to deal with or can’t afford.

It’s a joint effort from Habitat for Humanity New Castle and Sussex Counties.

“We’re getting a lot of requests – as Sussex County is also getting – from people who need Healthy Home Repairs,” said Beverly Ward, Director of Family Services for Habitat for Humanity in New Castle County. “For example, maybe they have asthma and there’s issues with their heating system and it’s clogged up – maybe their filter. Or maybe they have carpet and the carpet is in disrepair and that’s making their asthma act up.”

Ward says this pilot repair program builds on its Healthy Home program

“We already had a repairs program, but we were seeing more and more people who needed this specialized type of repair – a Healthy Homes type of repair. And we started brainstorming and we started looking for funding for it. And we were able to create this program for statewide,” said Ward.

Habitat staff will handle repairs such as fixing broken railings and repairing leaky roofs.  The repairs are free, with households chosen eligible for $2,500 to $5,000 of work.

To be eligible, families must meet income guidelines and have had at least one family member test positive for COVID-19.

Ward says the pilot runs through June with a goal of serving 25 families or individuals.

She adds that they hope to include Kent County in this project starting in April.

The Welfare Foundation and Barclays are funding the pilot program.

Interested applicants should contact their local HFH affiliate directly:

HFH of New Castle County – 302-652-0365 Ext. 110

Sussex County HFH – 302-855-1153 Ext: 208


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