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Meet our team.

Kevin L. Smith
Chief Executive Officer

The first paid staff member hired by the affiliate, Kevin began his career with Habitat as a volunteer coordinator at Habitat for Humanity in Fresno, California. [read bio]


Director of Construction:
Dan Delcollo

Dan’s Team

Eric Pichalski
     Volunteer Coordinator
Ervon Brown
     Site Supervisor
Miguel Little
     Construction Manager


Director of Development:
Kathi Barber

Kathi’s Team

Aly Keville
     Grants Administrator
Brynn McKenry
     Development Manager
Olivia Moncrieffe
     Marketing Specialist


Director of Finance:
Regina Bradson

Gina’s Team

Cheryl Anderson
Staff Accountant

Kevin’s Team

Maureen Hoffman-Ernst
     Executive Assistant


Senior Director of Programs:
Beverly Ward


Beverly’s Team

Azaria Hynson
     Application Coordinator
Joseph Pascarella
     Neighborhood Revitalization Program Manager
Maritza Martinez
     Homeownership Program Manager
Roshida Austin
     Neighborhood Revitalization Coordinator
Robert Moore
     Energy Audit Coordinator
Ruby Dyer
     Repairs Program Manager
Scott Bosley
     Associate Director of Repairs
Tia White
     Scheduling Coordinator


Director of ReStores:
Rick Peterson

Rick’s Team

Bruce Carillo
     Store Associate, Prices Corner
Cheris Henry
     Donations Operations Coordinator, Prices Corner
Cory Stella
     Driver/Donations Ambassador, Prices Corner
David Todd
     Driver/Donations Ambassador, Prices Corner
Dennis Martin
     ReStore Manager, Middletown
Dion Jenkins
     Driver/Donations Ambassador, Prices Corner
Elijah Dreuitt
     ReStore Manager, Prices Corner


Holly Gears
     ReStore Donations Coordinator
Roechelle Hopkins-Chapman
     Merchandising Coordinator, Prices Corner
Jamie Donahue
     Store Associate, Middletown
Marcedes Miller
     Store Associate, Prices Corner
Mia Dean
     Store Associate, Middletown
Ryan Carney
  Store Associate, Prices Corner