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home builds hope

FY19/20 Impact Report


welcome from our board president

As the new board President, I am beyond honored to serve Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County (HFHNCC) in it’s mission of building homes, communities, and hope. This upcoming year, as Habitat celebrates it’s 35th year and Kevin Smith celebrates his 25th year of service as Chief Executive Officer, I want to reflect on all that this organization has accomplished.

Since 1986, HFHNCC has created over 255 affordable homeownership opportunities, preserved homeownership for over 100 families, and served over 600 families in the community. We have served as the premier affordable housing provider in New Castle County, serving cost burdened families earning less than 60% of the Area Median Income. The impact of the work we do has both breadth and depth, allowing families to build a brighter future

I look forward to HFHNCC’s continued success in changing lives and landscapes here in New Castle County.

With gratitude,

Maureen McDonald

HFHNCC Board President


home builds equity

Habitat sits at the intersection of housing and race. Homeownership is the primary way families build wealth and equity that can be passed on to future generations. However, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) have been kept from purchasing homes and building equity due to racist housing policies. Our affordable homeownership opportunities provide a hand up for families that have been systemically discriminated against.

“To be a homeowner means everything to me and my daughter. It’s a lifelong dream I’ve always had and now I finally have something to pass along to her when she starts a family of her own.” Nema Bass, Habitat Homebuyer


home builds health

Housing is Health. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored for us all that health and home are intertwined. Disparities in health span racial, social, and economic lines. We recognize that the quality of the built environment and access to decent, stable affordable housing is a key social determinant of health. At HFHNCC, we are building healthier lives through housing.

“Thanks to Habitat, my family will have a safe, healthy home.” Tyesha Urquhart, Habitat Homebuyer


home builds community

At HFHNCC, we recognize that thriving neighborhoods are essential to the well-being and future outcomes of our families and communities. We work in tandem with residents and organizations to assess and address the critical needs of the community.

“We are so excited to be working with Habitat to revitalize our community. I’ve been a resident of the Eastside for 35 years and it means so much to me to see our neighborhood coming together to ‘Rock this Block‘!” – Alphie Moss, Eastside Resident


home changes lives

Marlise has lived in subsidized housing for nearly a decade; and, while she’s grateful for the programs that have allowed her to afford housing for her three children, there are things about living in subsidized housing that are difficult.

After looking into a traditional mortgage and learning she that wouldn’t be able to qualify for a home that met her family’s needs, Marlise learned about Habitat. Marlise applied to the Habitat program a few times before being accepted. Her perseverance and determination paid off.

“My kids are going to grow up one day – they’re probably not going to live there forever – they’ll go on to do other things. Maybe they’ll travel the world, but they’ll have a home to come back to. I keep that at the forefront of my mind – like I have to do this for them. No matter what, they’ll always have a place to call home.” – Marlise Carr, Habitat Homebuyer


impact on our partner families


are no longer receiving government assistance


report their children's grades have improved by 1-3 grade letters


have improved physical, emotional, and social wellbeing


report they are eating healthier

a thank you from Kevin

Greetings friends,

I hope you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe. This year has been trying for us all. I want to take a moment to acknowledge those who have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, I would like to acknowledge all of those who are fighting for equal rights. We stand by you and will continue our work to provide a more equitable future for those affected by systemic racism.

Throughout the year, we have been able to shine bright spots in the community. In the first half of the Fiscal Year, four homeowners made settlement at a project we call Hope Run. In December, we broke ground on an upcoming project called Amala Way. At the Groundbreaking Ceremony, the City of Wilmington announced that we would be taking over an unfinished project across the street, comprised of seven framed townhomes. This acquisition increases our Amala Way project from five townhomes to twelve, allowing us to provide twelve decent, affordable homeownership opportunities to twelve hard-working, cost-burdened families.

In the last half of this year, four additional homeowners have gone to settlement. Over the summer, we held physically distanced home dedication ceremonies for these homeowners. In addition, we broke ground on our latest affordable homeownership opportunity in Middletown. Through our critical home repair program, we preserved homeownership for over 20 low-income families. We also hosted the most successful “Rock the Block” event to date, addressing the critical needs of over 150 community residents.

Despite the challenges of this year, we have persevered. We look forward to shining more bright spots in 2020/2021.  Together, we build homes, communities, and hope. Thank you for your commitment to Habitat and for helping us ensure everyone has a decent place to live.

Best Wishes,



shining bright spots in the community during COVID


july 14, 2020 - we held our first drive-by home dedication celebration!

A parade of cars welcomed Vanessa, José, and their adorable family into their new home.


july 24, 2020 - we hosted a socially distant groundbreaking ceremony in Middletown!

Families and staff gathered – 6 feet apart – in Middletown to celebrate our newest project, Grace Point II.


august 7, 2020 - we dedicated our latest home to Ashley

Ashley and her family were shedding tears of joy when they walked into their new home.


september 26, 2020 - we showered Vanessa and José with housewarming gifts

We surprised our newest homeowners Vanessa and José with some essentials for their new home!


october 1, 2020 - we launched our new Refrigerator Replacement Program

In partnership with Energize Delaware and the other Delaware Habitats, our new program aims to serve low-income Delmarva customers by replacing their old inefficient refrigerators with new ENERGY STAR rated refrigerators.


october 14, 2020 - we hosted our largest "Rock the Block" event to date!

Thanks to support from our partners, we were able to serve over 150 residents, providing critical needs such as food, PPE, and home repair kits.


November 2020 - we started construction on Amala Way

In November 2020, we began construction on Amala Way – 12 new, affordable homes for 12 hard-working families.


january 2021 - we launched the new "Healthy Homes Initiative"

Thanks to commitments from Barclays and Welfare Foundation, we partnered with Sussex County Habitat for Humanity to provide home repairs to families affected by COVID-19.


february 2021 - we were selected for Republic Services' National Neighborhood Promise Grant

Between 2021-2022, we will be hosting 3 “Rock the Block” events focused on the Northeast neighborhood of Wilmington.

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