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Almost Home Program

One Step Away from Homeownership


Almost Home: One Step Away from Homeownership

Do you want to own a Home? Are you not sure that you qualify? To find out more about our Homeownership program attend an Information Session. If you apply and do not qualify for the Homeownership program, don’t lose faith, you could qualify for the Almost Home: One Step Away from Homeownership program.

The program involves temporarily renting a home through Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County while working towards meeting the qualifications to transition into the Homeownership Program.

Basic Requirements for the Almost Home program: One Step Away from Homeownership

  • Must apply to the Homeownership program and be denied at the full application stage.
  • Household Income must fall within the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines.
  • Must have a minimum credit score of 540 for all three credit bureaus.
  • Must have 20% or less in debt-to-income monthly ratio.
  • Must have $3000 or less in delinquent debt.

Please visit: https://www.habitatncc.org/our-programs/homeownership/




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