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Homeownership Program

Our Homeownership Program is designed to prepare, educate, and assist individuals in their journey to becoming Habitat homeowners in New Castle County. Our vision is where everyone has a decent AND AFFORDABLE place to live.


There are 3 essential components of becoming a Habitat Homeowner

We believe that everyone deserves a decent place to live, and that homeownership makes a difference—in communities, and families alike. Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County provides a hand-up not a hand-out to qualifying families who may not be able to qualify for traditional mortgage options. Our homeownership program is designed to prepare, educate, and assist individuals in their journey to becoming Habitat homeowners.

We understand that each family has different and unique circumstances; Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County looks at three important qualifications:

  • Willingness to Partner
  • Ability to Pay
  • Need for Adequate Shelter

Along with those 3 components there are other application requirements you should know while considering our program:

  • Must be 21 years of age or older.
  • Must live and/or work in New Castle County Delaware consecutively within the past year.
  • Must provide verifiable and documented source of income for 12 Consecutive months.
  • Must be willing to complete Sweat equity hours.
  • Must have a minimum credit score of 620.
  •  Household Income must Fall within the HUD income guidelines.


Household size includes children residing in the home at least 50% of the time. Household income is calculated based on the gross income of all adults. The income is based on 35-80% of the current HUD Area Median Income (AMI) for New Castle County.

family size









minimum income









maximum income









What properties are currently available?

New Construction
900 Bennett St. (Bennett Point), Wilmington, DE 19801
4 townhouses; 2-4 bedrooms, 1-1.5 bathroom,

To learn more about our program requirements, our designation process, benefits to you as a prospective homeowner and how to move forward please attend one of our FREE Information Sessions. Please click on a link below that works best for you. New dates will be added every 1st of the month. If you have any additional questions please contact familyservices@habitatncc.org.



"Do you have to have a family to apply?

No. You can be a single person when applying for our homeownership program.




"Can you apply if you receive social security?"

Yes. Anyone with verifiable income can apply for the homeownership program; however, they must fall with the HUD income guidelines.


"Is There A Waiting List?"

No. There is not a waiting list, we approve qualified applicants according to the current builds.



"Can I receive a home just by Volunteering?"

No. Volunteering is about the partnership with habitat for humanity which includes helping build your home and your neighbor’s home.


"Can my application be transferred to another habitat?" 

No. Each habitat has its own requirements and processes.


"Can I request where I want to live?"

No. You would only apply if you were ready to live where we are currently building.



"Do you offer emergency housing?"

No. We understand that homelessness is increasing and that unforeseeable situations occur; however, our homeownership program is a partnership and takes time before you get your home.



"Will my sweat equity go towards my settlement?"

No. Settlement cost is money that should be set aside to help cover the cost of going to settlement with an attorney.

“My kids are going to grow up one day and they’re probably not going to live there forever but they'll always have a home to come back to."

Marlise's Story

For about 10 years, Marlise and her three children have lived in subsidized housing.  As her children continue to get older and they become more independent, creating their own space in a small apartment continues to be an issue.  After looking into a traditional mortgage and learning that she wouldn’t qualify for a home that met her family’s needs, Marlise turned towards Habitat.  In December of 2019, Habitat broke ground on Amala Way, a 12 unit project on the East Side of Wilmington, where Marlise’s new home will be.  Marlise has since received the keys to her brand new home and moved in.

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1 in 7 Delaware residents spend more than 50% of their income just on housing.

Tiffany’s Story

Two years ago, Tiffany and her three children were living in overcrowded conditions in her mother’s home. Not long after her mother passed away, Tiffany arrived home to find a for sale sign was on the door—the house was in foreclosure. A parent at the daycare where Tiffany worked told her about Habitat. After completing her financial coaching and 225 hours of “sweat equity” with Habitat, Tiffany became the 250th Habitat Homeowner in New Castle County “Habitat’s 0% interest mortgage made homeownership a reality for me. I am beyond blessed.”

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Homeownership makes a difference.

what our families are saying


report seeing improvements in their neighborhood since their move-in


no longer receive government assistance


eat healthier meals as a family


are saving and/or investing the extra money


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