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February 2022
In the News

WJBR’s Focus on the Delaware Valley with Lora Lewis

by Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County

Chief Executive Director Kevin Smith discussed Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County, an independent chapter of the largest not- for profit builder in the world, and how they ‘seek to put God’s love into action by building homes, communities and hope.’  He described their local mission, building affordable housing, providing 0% interest mortgages to hard-working qualified homeowners, and thereby revitalizing neighborhoods and empowering the families.  He discussed the current lack of affordable housing, with many families paying well above 30% of their monthly income on rent.   He spoke of the homeowners accepted into the program, they commit to improving their credit score, learn budgeting, provide sweat equity and learn home repairs, remain in the home for ten years before realizing any equity, and take community leadership classes.  Mr Smith points out that by clumping homes in one neighborhood, and offering critical home repairs for low-income homeowners, they are improving the quality of life for the entire area, creating a community.   They support these communities after the build by partnering with residents to revitalize neighborhoods and eliminate blight through neighborhood clean-ups and beautification projects.

[Listen to Kevin’s interview on WJBR]


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