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March 2022
In the News

Volunteers to help build new Habitat for Humanity Home in downtown Murfreesboro on March 12th

by Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County

Habitat for Humanity volunteers will meet to work on a special community build project later this month. The First Baptist Panel Build will be on Saturday, March 12 in the Habitat parking lot.

Over 100 volunteers are expected to show up and help build the panels of a new home. The volunteers are from First Baptist Castle Street and First Baptist Main Street of Murfreesboro.

The walls that are being constructed on March 12th are for “Amber’s” house, a future Habitat for Humanity homeowner in Rutherford County. Volunteers plan to build “ALL” the walls of the home in just 5-hours.

Amber, the future homeowner,  has been attending Habitat’s Financial Literacy and Homeowner Education program and will complete 300 hours of sweat equity, working on the construction of her house as well as other Habitat houses and the Habitat ReStore.

The young mother works at Nissan in Smyrna, but is currently living in Columbia, Tennessee. She’s excited to soon be living be closer to work!

Amber’s son is 14-years-old and is very excited to have his own bedroom and a neighborhood to that will feel like a real home.

Meanwhile, Amber’s 3-year-old daughter was born with Coffin Siris Syndrome. The young child faces health issues daily. Her mother, a future homeowner, is looking forward to having more healthcare and a variety of services for her daughter in Murfreesboro.

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