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May 2022
In the News

Statewide Healthy Homes Assessment

by Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County

New Castle County Habitat for Humanity (NCCHFH), Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity (CDHFH), and Sussex County Habitat for Humanity (SCHFH) invite proposals to complete a statewide, data-driving housing needs assessment with an emphasis on health outcomes.

Healthy, stable homes are the key to improved health, economic, and social outcomes. Unfortunately, environmental hazards in the home cause millions of preventable injuries and complications from disease each year. In Delaware, nearly 47,000 households have at least one severe housing problem. Substandard housing and poor indoor environment are linked to increased indoor allergen exposure and greater morbidity and mortality. Additionally, trip and fall hazards pose serious problems and are especially problematic for older residents. More than 26% of adults over the age of 65 reported falling in the past year. Approximately 1 in 5 of these falls caused serious injury resulting in restricted activity, loss of independence and premature death. These issues are especially prevalent in low-income and minority households.

The true extent of housing needs by community in the State of Delaware is unknown. Currently, all three Habitat for Humanity affiliates base housing needs assumptions on years of experience and community relationships and partnerships but are undocumented by a citable study. We believe we can build a stronger case for funders to support this important work with a citable needs assessment – increasing our capacity to complete healthy home repairs in the state.

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