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December 2022
In the News

Repairing substandard housing critical for public health

by Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County

According to a new study conducted by researchers from the University of Delaware’s Joseph R. Biden School of Public Policy & Administration, the impact of substandard housing on health and the need for critical home repairs in low-income, owner-occupied homes in Delaware is clear. Delaware’s Habitat for Humanity affiliates collaborated for a joint press conference to announce findings from a new statewide needs assessment for repairs to low-income owner-occupied housing in Delaware. The research was funded by a Delaware Community Foundation grant.

Studies reveal that individual hardships among low-income homeowners tend to be concentrated geographically in declining or distressed areas. This means low-income residential areas with elevated levels of homeownership are likely to contain many households that would benefit from assistance with home repairs, and such assistance would benefit not only individual households, but also uplift the quality of entire neighborhoods and communities. To read the full study, go to sussexcountyhabitat.org.

[read the full Cape Gazette article]


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