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August 2023
In the News

Delaware Habitat for Humanity to give $3 million for homeowners requiring critical repairs

by Benjamin Rothstein

Delaware Habitat for Humanity to give $3 million for homeowners requiring critical repairs

DOVER, Del. – All three Delaware Habitat for Humanity organizations, along with the Delaware State Housing Authority, have announced that they will be beginning a $3 million dollar grant program meant to help homeowners make critical repairs that they can not afford due to the effects of COVID-19.

The maximum amount awarded by the Delaware Homeowner Assistance Fund Home Repair Program is per household is $20,000, says the authority. Here are their eligibility requirements:

  • household income at or below 80% of the area median income (AMI)
  • the property must be the homeowner’s primary residence
  • the financial hardship must have occurred after January 21, 2020
  • the property must be a single-family, detached or attached home or townhouse, a one-to-four-unit single-family condominium, or a mobile or manufactured home.

They say the program is meant to address any concerns that, for health or safety reasons, would force a homeowner out of the property. Examples include:

  • pest abatement;
  • insulation installation;
  • mold and mildew remediation;
  • asbestos and lead paint removal;
  • heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing repairs;
  • structural issues such as roof, floor, stairway, porch, and window repairs or replacement;
  • and the repair, replacement, or installation of accessibility aids such as hand railings, ramps, grab bars and wider doorways.

The Authority says that homeowners can apply for the grant through their local Habitat for Humanity, who will get required documentation from their respective counties, determine eligibility, and oversee repair work for accepted applications. They say applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until funds run out.

“We are grateful to DSHA for the opportunity to serve more families impacted by COVID through these Homeowner Assistance Funds. Helping individuals and families sustain the homeownership they have worked so hard to obtain is one of our key programs. Our programs build strength, stability, and self-reliance,” said Kevin L. Smith, CEO, Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County.

“Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity extends its sincere gratitude for partnering with the three Habitat Affiliates in Delaware for this critical program. Serving the vulnerable population is our greatest priority and this funding will ensure much-needed support to those impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. We believe in a world where everyone has a decent and safe place to call home,” said Timothy Bailey, CEO, Central Delaware Habitat for Humanity.

The authority says the money comes from the Homeowner Assistance Fund of the American Rescue Plan Act, distributed to Delaware by the U.S. Treasury Department.

“This funding focused on home repairs is an important step in addressing the housing crisis throughout the state of Delaware,” said Kevin Gilmore, CEO of Sussex County Habitat for Humanity. “The need for this type of program in immense. More than 25,000 owner-occupied homes are in need of repairs in the state. Sussex County Habitat is looking forward to utilizing the funding to help families in our county.”

“Repairs are a part of owning a home; however, when those repairs threaten the safety, peace of mind, and stability of families, something must be done immediately,” said DSHA Director Eugene Young, Jr. “One of DSHA’s main priorities is to keep families in their homes, and we’re proud to partner with Delaware’s Habitats so that families across the state will no longer have to face the possibility of leaving the communities they call home.”

Source: Delaware Habitat for Humanity to give $3 million for homeowners requiring critical repairs | News | wrde.com


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