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October 2023
In the News

Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County Unveils Latest Neighborhood Revitalization Project on the Northeast side of Wilmington

by Kathi Barber, Director of Development

Wilmington, DE, October 24, 2023 – Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County (HFHNCC) is persistently tackling the issue of neighborhood blight on the Northeast side of Wilmington, thanks to financial support from the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) and Healthy Communities Delaware.

A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Press Conference will mark the completion of the project on October 25th at 9:30 a.m. at 1100 Brandywine Street, Wilmington, DE.

HFHNCC’s Neighborhood Revitalization efforts are grounded in Habitat’s Quality of Life Framework with the theory that for meaningful change to occur, leading to an enhanced quality of life, community initiatives should concentrate on three fundamental outcomes.

  • Sense of Community – fostering a sense of identification with the neighborhood, promoting connection, and encouraging mutual support among residents.
  • Social Cohesion – cultivating a willingness and ability among community members to work collaboratively towards common goals.
  • Collective Action – maintaining ongoing projects and advocacy efforts that benefit the community.

During HFHNCC’s monthly community meetings with Northeast area residents, the community expressed the need for a safe, ADA-accessible communal space for families to gather for barbecues and special events. Residents identified a large, vacant lot on 12th St. that was once a residential area 20 years ago but has since become neglected and filled with tall grass, trash, discarded tires, and abandoned vehicles, attracting rodents. HFHNCC partnered with residents and volunteers to transform it into a space that would meet the community’s needs and vision. The lot is safe and has a pollination garden, grills, tables, ADA-accessible walkways, and nine new parking spaces.

“Habitat for Humanity is just as concerned that all people have a decent, affordable place to live as we are about the state of their neighborhood where they live. We are grateful to DNREC and Healthy Communities Delaware for supporting this community-inspired project,” said Kevin L. Smith, Chief Executive Officer, HFHNCC. Using the Quality-of-Life Framework, communities can boost their motivation and capacity to surmount obstacles to sustainable change, as seen in the Brandywine Street project.

About Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County: Since 1986, Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County (HFHNCC) has built over 290 homes and served over 1,000 families. Committed to changing lives and landscapes, HFHNCC provides affordable housing solutions for low-income families. Habitat engages residents in improving their neighborhoods, provides free critical home repairs to preserve existing homeownership, provides interventions so that older adults can age in place, builds affordable housing, and conducts financial literacy and home maintenance education for families in our homeownership program.


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