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February 2024
Career Opportunity


Job description


Full Time; 40-hour work week; Monday – Friday, occasional Saturdays; Salaried Contract position.

The Construction Manager will oversee a project that we will be partnering with The Sunday Breakfast Mission. It is a 1-year contract position to renovate 2 row homes in the city of Wilmington. Please submit your resume to our Director of Construction Stephanie Peterson if you have interest in applying.


Represent, express, and support the mission and vision of Habitat for Humanity.

Oversee the renovation and completion of single-family homes, on schedule and on budget, by effectively working with Habitat staff, sub-contractors, and volunteer labor.


· Minimum five years’ experience and extensive knowledge in all aspects of residential construction including reading and understanding construction drawings, code requirements and permitting, scheduling contractors, scheduling required inspections through to certificate of occupancy.

· Experience and ability to supervise multiple work sites.

· Strong organizational and advance planning skills. Ability to effectively manage time and resources.

· Basic computer skills, including MS Office, email.

· Undergraduate degree preferred.


· Ability to manage construction sites, and those who are involved in construction work.

· Inspired to work with diverse groups of people, including age, abilities, race, gender, and socio-economic backgrounds.

· Confidence in decision making and problem solving.

· Ability to analyze and react to changing construction situations and to adjust and delegate accordingly.

· Experience in conflict resolution and able to demonstrate maturity when dealing with staff, subcontractors, and volunteer issues.

· Integrity and reliability.

· Lead by example.


· Report to and work closely with Director of Real Estate & Construction to coordinate construction house goals, set schedules, anticipate challenges, and problem solve obstacles.

· Construction:

1. Assure that all construction conforms to applicable codes and laws of local government, and that all required inspections are complete.

2. Manage construction schedule of renovations, including scheduling and managing sub- contractors, and work with Program Director to schedule volunteers, and manage them on site.

3. Manage cost control through simple, decent construction so that Habitat homes remain affordable.

4. Ensure quality control and standardization through adherence to HFHNCC approved building methods.

5. Ensure the safety of the site by enforcing accepted safety policies.

6. Maintain relationships with suppliers, contractors, and skilled trades/volunteers, neighbors, and any other persons associated with the build site.

7. Ensure all utilities are installed and functioning as designed including water, sewer, gas, electric, telephone and cable

8. Schedule inspections and ensure compliance with code requirements.

9. Administer first aid and report any accident.

As a Habitat Ambassador:

1. Be knowledgeable about and able to communicate the Habitat program. Be able to conduct an informal morning talk and answer questions when asked on the work site.

2. Be familiar with and adhere to HFHNCC policies on Sexual Harassment, Safeguarding, Misconduct Procedure and Willingness to Partner procedures. Handle conflict with reference to these policies in a professional, mature manner.

3. Be a role model for mature, professional, safe, and respectful behavior. Hold staff, volunteers, contractors, and project partners accountable for the same behavior.

4. Be an example for work site safety. Educate staff and volunteers about the safety policy and the importance of maintaining a safe worksite. Monitor and enforce.

5. Understand the Christian values and principles that form the foundation of the Habitat mission: the theology of the hammer, the scripture for not charging interest, servant leadership.

6. Make the mission and principles the focus of the work you do, the way you act and speak, and the decisions you make.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $65000/yr


401(k) matching
Dental insurance
Health insurance
Life insurance
Paid time off
Vision insurance


8 hour shift
Day shift
No nights
Weekend availability

Ability to commute/relocate:


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