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March 2024
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VIDEO | Renovation with a purpose: Sunday Breakfast Mission and Habitat working together

by Mark Fowser

Two homes on East 2nd Street in Wilmington certainly need a lot of work, but a new partnership will make sure the renovation is completed.

Sunday Breakfast Mission, which serves people facing homelessness, poverty and addiction, also promotes their growth spiritually and otherwise. Beyond the shelter’s walls, it’s been acquiring several homes that are being fixed up utilizing the knowledge and skills of Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County.

SBM Senior Pastor Rev. Tom Laymon said it hopes to help graduates of its New Life program along the way to their goals which could be home ownership, starting a family, going to school and getting an education.

Space was needed to make that happen.

“We wanted to turn more houses into that kind of possibility for men, for women and women with children for a one- to two-year span in which they could pursue after graduation from our program.  The second thing was we needed a house or two as well to house interns, who would come and study our program, study how to do this kind of work, and we needed houses for that purpose as well,” Laymon said. “Habitat has come alongside of us.”

Habitat has been working for more than 38 years to remodel and build homes for first-time homebuyers, and is a general contractor.

“It made sense for these two Christian organizations to talk to each other and figure out a way that, we’re a builder, they do programming to help people move on in their life and attain sustainability and empowerment, so… working together, we found a way that we can make this happen,” Habitat for Humanity of New Castle County CEO Kevin Smith said. “It’s what we do every day.”

Habitat will work with subcontractors and volunteers to renovate the two structures.

“We hope this is the beginning of some bigger things for both of our organizations, and it might be a bigger opportunity for Habitat with other nonprofits down the line as well,” Smith added. “It’s a good experience for us to share our expertise in this way.”

Source: VIDEO | Renovation with a purpose: Sunday Breakfast Mission and Habitat working together | The Latest from WDEL News | wdel.com


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